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Spa Baths

For the ultimate luxurious experience, why not install a spa bath in your home or business today? Spa baths and hot tubs are fantastic spa products for any home or business, allowing you and your guests to sit back, relax, and socialise while being massaged by warm jets of water. Here at PE Leisure we provide spa baths suitable for all requirements, with a range of products available to suit both large and small spaces. We have installed large spa baths into luxury leisure centres, gyms, and hotels across Ireland, while also providing a variety of smaller spa baths for sale to suit home bathrooms. When you purchase a spa bath from PE Leisure you can rest assured that all areas of your new product will be looked after, with installation, maintenance, and repairs available on request. If you’re unsure of the best spa bath to purchase for your home or business, simply get onto one of our experienced team members today who would be happy to help.

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Spa Baths FAQ

  • Where can I buy hot tubs near me?

    PE Leisure is an Irish hot tub supplier, offering installation, repairs, and maintenance services for hot tubs and spa baths also.

  • Do spa baths have any health benefits?

    Yes, absolutely. The hot temperatures and jets in a spa are an effective way to lower blood pressure, purify the skin, improve circulation, and aid relaxation.

  • Are spa baths hygienic?

    Yes. PE Leisure’s spa baths are fitted with modern filtration systems, and also come with chemical cleaner to keep your bath safe, clean and hygienic.